NeoNatal and Paediatric Critical Care

Tasakhtaa Hospital has a neotal and Paediatric ICU for critical care.

This is critical care for babies with the highest need for support. Often these babies will have been born before 28 weeks’ gestation, or be very unwell after birth.

Babies are often cared for here when they:

  • Need breathing support given through their windpipe (called ventilation)
  • Have severe disease affecting their breathing (called respiratory disease)
  • Need or have just had surgery

Standards of Treatment

We provide standard treatment and the latest medical technology with the best facilities available.

Patient Communication

We provide good communication with our patients so they know their diagnosis & treatment plan.

Infection Prevention

We provide infection prevention and latest medical technology, with very high clinical standards of cleanliness.

Years of Experience

Our Specialist Staff are trained, certified and experienced in their fields of expertise

Our Specialists