Anaesthesia & Intensive Care Department

This Department is a multifunctional department which is managed by experienced personnel requiring teamwork dynamics. It actively interfaces with almost all our hospital departments. The section is fully equipped with three operating theatres and postoperative wards. It is equipped with a state-of-the-art well-maintained anaesthetics machine with the best cardiac monitor capable of inversive hemodynamic monitoring. This is also capable of providing measures of low flow and anaesthesia beds and is managed by well-experienced anaesthesiology personnel.

Modern critical care has developed from respiratory continued momentum provided by the clinical & technological developments in Cardiopulmonary resuscitation, Pharmacological & mechanical circulatory support, advances in the treatment of renal failure, respiratory failure, neurological problems, multiple organ failure and patient monitoring systems.

Intensive Care

The art of medicine lies in balanced and professional treatment of the risk of associated side effects involved because of non-invasive & invasive treatment modalities. Critical care medicine is an offshoot of this concept. Critical care unit is designed for patients who need & can benefit from facilities & services. Our hospital has one 4 bed capacity ICU and 6 bed capacity HDU Patients in critical moments of illness usually have a failure, or pending failure or potential failure, of one or more major systems. They, therefore, need continuous support, monitoring, nursing care & availability of medical staff around the clock.

Recovery Room

We have a 5-bed capacity with ECG, pulse oximetry and NIBP for every bed, providing constant oxygen supply and central vacuum system. As part of the overall endeavor to improve surgical and critical care outcomes across the Hospital’s operations Tasaktaah Hospital Zanzibar constantly strives to provide the recommended care to its patients. It also facilitates professional referrals, evacuation and repatriation of patients to other facilities with extra specialties such as cardiac and neural anteversion. This is done to ensure optimum care to needy patients.

Clinics & Consultations

  • Acute pain consultations.
  • Perioperative consultation and anaesthetic clinics
  • Focused baseline investigations and lab for pre-operative consultations and optimization of patient
  • OP consultation for chronic pain
  • Pain relief treatment for Chronic backache, Neuralgias, Cancer pain (head and neck, abdomen, pelvis, chest)
  • Nerve blocks and ultrasound guided steroids injection
  • Fully equipped for undertaking general clinical and medical consultations by doctors and specialised consultants

Our Specialists