Dr Benson Mwakalukwa

Internal Medicine

Dr Benson Mwakalukwa is a highly qualified and practical experienced doctor with a diversity of skills and special interests. Always prepared for all type of surgeries and emergencies cases.

About Doctor

Dr Benson is a Physician in the Clinical Department of Internal Medicine. He specialises in Nephrology communicative diseases. 

The most common patients he sees are with Diabetes and hypertension strokes.  

The most unusual patient he has treated is one with a case of tuberculosis in knee joint which he has never seen before or since.

“It’s about challenge the unknown with each patient, every day is different and not knowing what I will find, and how I will help every single patient keeps my job very interesting”


Doctor Experience

Dr Benson has 4 years here at Tasakhtaa Hospital. He qualified and worked in Mainland Tanzania since 2010. He treats patients with cardiac problems, infections, kidney diseases, lung diseases, endocrine diabetes, hypertension, skin conditions, strokes and neurological disorders. 

He sees about 150 patients per week and has the best experience on the island to treat patients with compassion.