Dr Alexander Mwelange


Highly qualified and practical experienced Gastroenterologist doctor with a diversity of skills in Hepatology and special interests. Always prepared for all type of surgeries and emergencies cases.

About Doctor

Dr Alexander is a Surgical Gastroenterologist and Hepatologist  – Incumbent Clinical Director

He has 12 years of experience in general medicine and surgery. He has been working with Tasakhtaa for 2 years now who treats almost 20 patients a day.  

The most common  diseases he treats are peptic ulcer diseases, hepatobiliary conditions, pancreatic diseases, spleen, benign and malignant, appendicitis and hernias.

The most unusual diseases are IBD and colonic cancers.

He enjoys the Endoscope and laparoscopy procedures which give him a real insight of what is going on internally with the patients he sees. 

Tasakhtaa Hospital is the only centre that has constant availability of these services – only one on the island.

Doctor Experience

Dr Alexander is a Qualified Medical Practitioner with a Medical Degree and a member of Tanganyika and Zanzibar Medical Councils, Tanzania Surgical Associations, Tanzania Gastroenterologist and Endoscopy Society. 

He has worked as general practitioner for 4 years before specialising in general surgery and later super specialising in surgical gastroenterology and hepatology. Has gained significant experience leadership, management of general medical conditions, digestive and liver diseases and has deep passion in teaching, research, diagnostic and intervention endoscopy and laparoscopic surgeries.