Ризики Ис-Хака

Заведующий отделением интенсивной терапии

Riziki is the head of ICU. One of the most important and challenging parts of her role in Head of Intensive Care is the empathy for the patients on a daily basis

About Our Head of ICU

Riziki Is-Haka is in charge of 9 staff and the ICU (Intensive Care Unit) facility at Tasakhtaa Hospital. 

  • The Intensive Care Unit has 3 beds and requires a ratio of 1 nurse to 1 patient.
  • The High Dependency Unit has 6 beds and requires a ratio of 1 nurse to 2 patients.

Riziki started her career in 2011 where she was a Clinical Instructor in the renowned Aga Khan Hospital until 2018. She has been working with Tasakhtaa Hospital from 2018 till to date.

The most important part of the role of Head of Intensive Care is the Empathy for the patients on a daily basis which she takes pride in. 

The diversity of the types of patients we treat in-house are at the moment; stabilisation of neuro- patients until they are transferred out to a larger hospital on the mainland or elsewhere. The same with serious Cardiac problems – we will transfer out after after stabilising,  we will administer medication and minimise pain.

On average we will see more than 10 patients in a week with respiratory and cardiac issues which are very common.

We have three Intensive Care beds – each will have access to ventilators, emergency cardiac monitor, ‘crash’-carts, defibrillators, ACJ, intravenous drips and syringe pumps and more. 

We regularly use ventilators for Invasive Procedure for patients with respiratory system issues.