Доктор Сайед Мохамед Шахнаваз


Dr Syed Mohamed Shahnawaz  is a highly qualified and practical experienced Paediatrics specialist with a diversity of skills and special interests. Always prepared for all type of surgeries and emergencies cases.

О докторе

Paediatrics is the branch of medicine dealing with children and their diseases. Dr Syed is responsible for children in the Out Patient Clinic (OPD), in all the In-Patient Departments (IPD), in the Intensive Care Units (ICU), in the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) and the Neo-natal Intensive care uni (NICU).  So everything from injuries to incubators is taken care by Dr Syed when it comes to children. 

The most common ailments that he sees are respiratory diseases (eg asthma), Gasto inter-tract (digestive system from mouth to bowels), diabetes and some sickle cell diseases. Surprisingly malaria is not common in Zanzibar as in other tropical locations.

Dr Syed’s passion is in neonatal critical care and tropical diseases.  “I have a very keen interest in neonatal paediatric intensive care and also tropical diseases especially in children.

It is a good thing that Dr Syed is passionate because the Paediatrics Department at Tasakhtaa Hospital treats over 600 children in a month – that’s around 150 a week.

But as if that isn’t enough Dr Syed is also completing his Fellowship in Diabetology Liverpool Academy.  Diabetology is the medical-scientific discipline that specialises in the research and treatment of all types of diabetes.

Опыт доктора

Dr Sayed Mohamad Shahnaaz Akhtar is the Consultant Paediatrician and Head of the Paediatric Department at Tasakhtaa Hospital.  Originally from India Sayed has studied and worked for 8 years in China, at the now famous Wuhan University.  He has also had many years of experience in India, the Maldives where he was Head of Department in Uganda’s UMC in Victoria.