Д-р Нельда Роза Пуимиро

Медицина внутренних органов

Highly qualified and practical experienced doctor in Internal Medicine with a diversity of skills and special interests in Emergency and ICU patients. Always prepared for all type of patients and emergencies cases.

О докторе

Dr Nelda is from Cuba and is very passionate about Internal Medicine and enjoys most Emergency ICU and Intensive Care patients. Dr Nelda also enjoys teaching and training her fellow staff members with the knowledge she has gained in the years of experience in this field. She sees alot of critical patients  who have a lot of combinations of complicated diseases which is takes as a challenge to treat and see them leave the hospital healthy. This gives her great pride.

Опыт доктора

Dr Nelda has 20 years’ experience in Venezuela, Germany and Tanzania.

One of her most challenging cases was in November 2021 when a tourist who was in Zanzibar for 3 days from Poland came in with a sick child who ate something which led to multiple organ failure with comma convulsions. She stabilised the baby and is still in touch with the mother to see how the child is coping.