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TASAKHTAA GLOBAL HOSPITAL is the only hospital in Zanzibar with a modern state of the art, patient stabilizing ambulance.

Stabilizing means that our ambulance is well equipped, with the following facilities:

Full Air Conditioned.
The Trauma trolley
Spine board/Scoop stretcher
Electronic Syringe Pump.
The resuscitation machine
The oxygen machine/Oxygen Control Panel.
Cardiac Monitor
Lypho Suction Unit
Hand Suction Units
P Measuring Unit.

That means our ambulance is not just for ferrying the patient from the point of rescue to hospital rather the whole medical care can proceed within it at the scene.

Depending on the condition of the patient, our ambulance has got all necessary facilities to stabilize the patient right at the point of rescue only to transfer him to the hospital for further treatment.

On a rescue mission our ambulance comes along with a doctor and a specially emergency  care trained nurse.

In case of emergence and in need of ambulance please call below stated numbers;

+255 24 223 2222, +255 779 770577